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Work-Related & Sports Injuries

Putting you back in the game of life

When a work-related or sports injury leaves you on the sidelines, getting back to regular activities is your primary concern. Our highly trained staff works closely with referring physicians to address work-related, sports-related and other injuries, including postsurgical conditions. Customized treatment plans are developed using specialized equipment and diagnostic tools to help patients quickly reduce symptoms and effectively regain their strength and flexibility.

Services we offer include:

  • Therapeutic exercise – Used to increase strength and/or range of motion of a joint or large muscle groups.
  • Passive range of motion/manual stretching – Used when a patient is unable to move a joint through its full range of motion.
  • Active range of motion – Used in order to reestablish normal movement.
  • Active assisted range of motion – Used when a patient is unable to move a joint through its full range of motion.
  • Balance training – Used to reestablish balance throughout the body pertaining to a specific joint.
  • Deep-tissue massage – Targets deeper tissues in order to improve tissue extensibility, increase circulation, reduce muscle spasm and decrease pain.

At Thibodeaux, Albro & Touchet Therapy Group, Iowa Therapy Group, SWLA Sports & Rehab Center, Crowley Therapy Group and X-Cel Therapy Group, we have helped many people with work-related or sports injuries recover. There’s an excellent chance we can help you, too. Call the location nearest you to schedule your appointment today.

Please visit our Patient Education Library to learn more about Sports Injuries treatments.